Swedish Dishcloths: How something so basic got made into something so awesome.

There are only a few perfect products in my world: duct tape, Vicks Vapor rub, Velcro, a good pocket knife, and Swedish dishcloths being near the top of the list.  Made from eco-friendly cellulose and cotton they easily tackle all kinds of jobs from scrubbing dishes to cleaning fruit.  They sanitize in 1 minute in the microwave and are easily cleaned in you dishwasher or washing machine.  They are odorless and can be used solidly over and over for 6 months.  They also wouldn't be Swedish without great design to go with their unbelievable functionality.  From gnomes to floral to funny sayings these dishcloths take a mundane kitchen item to a fun design choice and then perfectly dry back to their easy storable form. We prefer goats.