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Angel Chimes

Angel Chimes Bring home the beautiful sound and Scandinavian design of the Angel Chimes.  Watch the brass angels spin and whirl around gently ringing the chime; all propelled by the flickering candles below.   Great design and a holiday must...
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Glögg Mug Set

Glögg Mug Set Celebrate the Holidays with Scandinavian style with the Glögg Mug Set.  A Set of 4 mugs decorated with the word Glögg written along the side, and will invoke everything holiday while you enjoy the warmth of a mug of...
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Handmade Swedish Dala Horses Red/Black/Blue

Start a Swedish Tradition at your home with the gift of a Dala horse.  Made of pine and handpainted in Sweden these Dala horses show off the best in Swedish design and tradtion.  Coming in choice of three colors (black, blue, and red), and...