Hmmmm...What would I purchase with an Al Johnson's Gift card?

  1.     If you're like me, I love giving and receiving gift cards. It's the "just perfect for everyone" gift. Working at Al Johnson's, and being able to frequent the restaurant, the beer garden next door called Stabbur, and of course our Butik, I get plenty of use out of gift cards. It may get a little challenging to decide just exactly where I'd like to use them. For those of you that don't know, you can purchase our gift cards here at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant or online. They can be redeemed in the Restaurant, Butik, at our Kök (kitchen) next to the beer garden, or at our Stabbur Beer Garden. I do have card to use at this very moment. My family passed on a lot of Swedish heritage & traditions. I of course, am fond of cookies, cakes, and sweet treats.The Swedish Cakes & Cookies book will give me all the tasty recipes I need for daily "FIKA". For those of you that don't know, Fika is having a little coffee & bakery treat in the mid afternoon. It comes after lunch, but before dinner. The perfect coffee & coffee mug for my Fika time. Al Johnson's  Scandinavian Roast fresh ground coffee, and the perfect mug to dip my cookies in!
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     I set my table with colorful table runners and dishes. I know how to weave, and can appreciate the effort that goes into each table runner. Switching them depending on the season. This way I don't have to use a whole tablecloth for a center piece. The traditional Dala Horse salt & pepper shakers add a little art for my table. During the Holiday seasons, I buy our Christmas tiles. Colorful for the table or wall decor. I chose the dogs watching the little Tomten (Santa) and his sleigh in the night sky. 

      I do go out mushroom hunting. My Mom knows all the spots, but she told me she will never tell me...she said that we all need to find our own mushroom spots. She did give me a little hint...they love Beech trees. This clever mushroom hunting knife with a little carrying pouch will come in handy.


     What better way to end my day but with a good book and a tasty beer. The Winter Book by my friend Norbert Blei, and my pint glass to toast a Skål (cheers) to a days end.



     Unfortunately the gift cards cannot be redeemed online, however; if you find something you'd like to can give us a call at our Butik 920-854-2626 ext. 2, and we can take the number off the back of the gift card and ship it to you. I'm going to give you a last minute little tip! Every now & then we will be running a special promotion on our gift cards. With your $100 purchase of a gift card, you will receive a free $20 gift card. With a purchase of a $50 gift card, you will receive a free $10 gift card. Keep your eyes open on our website.