Lingonberries: A how to use guide

When I do demo's in stores for our lingonberries the absolute #1 question I get is, What should I use these with/on?  That usually brings on a brain slow down because of all the answers I have for this question.  The easy and obvious answer is Al Johnson's Swedish pancakes, but here are a few of my favorite other answers. 

My #1 is what I call the "Swedish mom" response.  My mother growing up would make a big old batch of rice pudding and she always used her great grandmothers recipe which was undeniably lacking in sugar, but tasted great.  We would always have lingonberries on them as the finishing touch.  They added just the right amount of sweetness as well as that great tart flavor.  Now instead of rice pudding I add them to my morning oatmeal for the same effect as well as the great kick of vitamin c and antioxidants that they have.

My #2 "the foodie response".  I hate to use this term cause I think all people are "foodies" cause we all have a love of food, and it also has a pretentious sound to it.  I love lingonberries on a charcuterie plate, cured meats, salami, smoked salmon, duck proscuitto, lardo, you get the point.  Instead of putting on a mustard (which is also great mixed with lingonberries) put on a big dollop of lingon.  The tart sweetness will bring forward wonderful flavors in the food they compliment. I also love it with cheese: soft, hard, blue, cow, sheep, or goat, it works with all cheeses.

My #3 "it's all in the sauce".  When I worked in gourmet foods we had a term for things not wholly made from scratch called "splash and dash"  When in a hurry to make something good but fast you combine ready for use products.  Example "A" the ever popular chipotle mayo: take some mayo of your liking and some chipotles in adobo, blend and you have the finished product. Well lingonberries have been my long go to ingredient in that respect. Lingonberry mayo equals turkey sandwich heaven.  Lingonberries and BBQ sauce a great way to shellac some ribs.  Lingonberries and peanut butter, a gourmet PBJ.  Mix it into a gravy and it's an amazing sauce to compliment any meat. From vinaigrettes to hoison sauce lingonberries transform these items into the mysterious by adding that bright tart flavor and subtle sweetness that isn't recognizable to most people.  

Well you can tell my love for the lingonberry goes deep, and with new studies coming out touting the health benefits it just gives me one more reason to to keep on reaching into the fridge for that jar.  I think it's time for a lingonberry smoothie.